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Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Fails Keep Coming

2015’s only a few days old, but these people have already failed SO very hard.

18 People Who Have Failed At 2015 Already

When your scale breaks on Jan. 1, that’s a bad sign for your diet. Better luck next year.

that's not a good sign


What does a juice cleanse do to your body? The experts say: They’re not great for you.


This guy is recreating pop divas on Instagram. His low-budget attempts are awesome.


The next time you watch Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park, keep an eye out for these Easter eggs. They’re cleverly hidden.


Idina Menzel missed a single note during a NYE performance of “Let It Go.” Then she responded perfectly to her critics.


Ansel. Ariana. Azalea. They’re going to be the most popular baby names of 2015 — and here’s why.


Here are all of the 2015 TV premieres you need to know. Get your DVR ready.


Can we guess what you’re lucky in? There’s always something for everyone.


And finally: This dad posted his son’s awesome Lego design online. A few days later, it was bought by a toy company.

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