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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Shut It Down

These are the most awkward TV moments of all time. It doesn’t get any worse.

The 22 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Have Ever Happened On TV

“Wait, am I on TV? Really? RIGHT NOW? Uhhhhhh, well……”



Sam Smith’s boyfriend caught him singing BeyoncĂ© in the shower. It’s simply flawless.


Every country song is exactly the same. Here's your proof.


Want to know the secret to taking a good picture? Just whisper the word "prune" to yourself. It's what Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen do.


This woman made her husband cry by telling him she was pregnant in a photo booth. The result was adorable.


Remember that Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad? Surprise surprise — it was Photoshopped.


Want to kick ass at work this year? These tips from great bosses will get you inspired.


You've been drunk before. But there’s another level you can go to: Really f*cking drunk.


And finally: Take a look at these insane photos from space. And give yourself a second to think.

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