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Thursday, January 1, 2015

ScienceDaily: Top Health News

ScienceDaily: Top Health News

Make a New Year's resolution to manage your diabetes

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 08:37 AM PST

Early detection and treatment can decrease the risk of developing complications from diabetes. Certified diabetes educators report that the new year is a good time to see a doctor if you think you have diabetes.

Discovery of mutated gene in dogs could help treat blindness

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 06:57 AM PST

A MERTK gene defect responsible for a recently identified form of progressive retinal atrophy in Swedish vallhund dogs has been found by an international team of scientists. This discovery opens the door to the development of therapies for diseases that cause blindness both in dogs and humans.

Significant link between daily physical activity, vascular health

Posted: 31 Dec 2014 06:56 AM PST

As millions of Americans resolve to live healthier lives in 2015, research shows just how important diligent daily physical activity is. The researchers found that reducing daily physical activity for even a few days leads to decreases in the function of the inner lining of blood vessels in the legs of young, healthy subjects causing vascular dysfunction that can have prolonged effects.

Parental history of suicide attempt associated with increased risk in kids

Posted: 30 Dec 2014 06:10 PM PST

A suicide attempt by a parent increased the odds nearly five-fold that a child would attempt suicide, according to a report. Other studies have established that suicidal behavior can run in families but few studies have looked at the pathways by which suicidal behavior is transmitted in families.

First baby of the new year race is real, says OB/GYN

Posted: 30 Dec 2014 01:09 PM PST

As the countdown for the new year begins, so does the race for the first baby of the new year. "The race to have the first baby is something all hospitals share enthusiasm for, especially in large cities like Chicago, and, unfortunately, not all hospitals play fair," said and OB/GYN.

Molecules seen binding to HIV-1's protective capsule, blocking infection

Posted: 30 Dec 2014 01:08 PM PST

New research shows an HIV-1 inhibitor and a host protein binding to HIV-1's protective capsule, preventing it from disassembling. Viral genetic information is kept inside. Researchers believe the process can be targeted for therapeutic purposes in HIV-1 infections.

Looking forward to the 24th century: Cardiac arrest remains a deadly problem -- but for different reasons from today

Posted: 29 Dec 2014 05:17 AM PST

The Star Trek universe is one of the most popular pieces of science fiction entertainment. Lots of the technologies seen in the TV and cinema episodes featuring Captain Kirk, Mr Spock or Captain Picard were once regarded as futuristic, but have now become reality -- with examples including wireless communication or portable computers. In a recent study by researchers in Vienna, the make-believe future of the human race depicted in this series has been used to investigate the frequency and mortality of cardiac arrests in the 24th century.

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