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Friday, January 9, 2015


Parents talking to their kids about sex for the first time is never not awkward.

These Parents Talked To Their Kids About Sex And It Was Hilariously Awkward

This talk was going to happen eventually. But that doesn’t make it any less weird.

ah, yes, "the vangina"


Yesterday, it was colder in parts of the U.S. and Canada than it was on Mars. MARS. Just let that soak in.


There are certain unspoken rules all female friends know. Guys just don't understand how it is.


What happens when you date a man with a beard? Things really do change.


Some koalas in Australia suffered burned paws while fleeing brushfires. And people are being urged to donate mittens to help them.


It’s too bad that cats can’t text. They’d probably send some incredible messages.


Your mom was right about absolutely everything. Mom, sorry I didn't listen to you.


Do you know what music was actually popular in 2014? Don’t be shocked if you flunk this quiz.


And finally: If you're having a tough day, don't be sad. Jackie Chan's Facebook statuses are here for you.

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