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Friday, January 16, 2015

Dream Big!

These kids certainly did. And with dreams like these, they’re unstoppable.

22 Kids Who Have Their Priorities Straight

It’s important to know exactly what you want. These kids certainly do.

Mason, that's all you need


There were some huge surprises in this year’s Oscar nominations. The Academy made some unusual choices.


Here’s what the nominations would look like without all the men. Things would be a lot different.


Sometimes, it’s tough to keep things in perspective. So just take a second to pause — and put things in their proper place.


How disgusting are you compared to everyone else? Time to fess up, everyone.


There are certain life hacks you’ve gone too long without knowing. Change that right now.


How well do you know classic movie quotes? Take this quiz and find out.


Anything can happen in sports. These GIFs are proof.


And finally: There are a million great Dr. Seuss characters. Which one are you?

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