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Monday, January 12, 2015

Did These Outfits Win The Golden Globes?

We need your help to decide who wore it better. Plus: Jokes from Tina and Amy.

Who Wore It Better: These Golden Globes Celebs Or This Sassy Walrus?

This is the most important poll you’ll ever take. The world is waiting for your answer.

J-Lo, or Sassy Walrus?


Amy Poehler and Tina Fey made the perfect George Clooney joke. Amazingly well done, you two.


Then they went there with a Bill Cosby joke. They REALLY went there.


Catherine Zeta-Jones looked just like an emoji. The resemblance was uncanny.


Sorry, ladies, but here’s the truth: The guys really stole the red carpet on Sunday night.


In non-Hollywood news: Looking to eat healthier at dinnertime? These recipes are easy — and worth making.


There are some amazing new musicians who are set to break through this year. Here’s who to watch.


Leo DiCaprio just delivered the first true celeb photobomb of 2015. The year’s off to a great start.


And finally: What does your dog think when you talk to it in a funny voice? Scientists say they have the answer.

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