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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cheat Sheet - Obama Dares the GOP to Help the Middle Class

Read This, Skip That ....

January 21, 2015

Just two months after Republicans took over the Senate, the country's mood has shifted again in favor of President Obama. With an improving economy and plummeting gas prices, the president seized the opportunity in his State of the Union to hit hard on the need to share the wealth, writes Michael Tomasky.


Dr. Michael Davidson, the 44-year-old cardiac surgeon shot twice Tuesday at Boston's Brigham and Women's Hospital, has died. Davidson, who in addition to working at the hospital was an assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, was shot by a lone gunman and eventually succumbed to his injuries. The shooter, who also died in the incident, has been identified as Stephen Pasceri. He was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to police. The reason for the shooting, which took place on the second floor of the Shapiro Cardiovascular Center, is not yet known, but police believe the victim was specifically targeted.


South Korea's online espionage program may be primarily focused on the North, but it's also targeting the United States—and the U.S. government isn't making a stink about it, Shane Harris reports.


The New England Patriots had 11 of 12 designated game footballs underinflated by 2 pounds per square inch of air during their AFC championship win over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, an ESPN report citing anonymous sources said Tuesday. NFL officials responded to ESPN's claim that the investigation is continuing. "We're still awaiting findings," Troy Vincent, the NFL executive vice president, told the Associated Press. The game balls were required to be inspected and approved by referee Walt Anderson two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff and no alteration of footballs is allowed under league regulations. Lighter footballs would have made it easier for quarterback Tom Brady to throw the ball and for receivers to catch. The Patriots have a history of cheating allegations, including illegally filming their opponents.


Whatever your political interpretation of American Sniper, it is somewhat surprising that the 84-year-old director has been labeled a warmongering propagandist whitewasher. Asawin Suebsaeng deflates the Dirty Harry mythology.

Argentine Prez: Dead Prosecutor Lied
In 2,100-word Facebook post.
U.K. Soldier Accused of Raping 6-Year-Old
Charged in Austria.
Several Stabbed in Tel Aviv Bus Attack
Suspect shot and arrested.
Biden Security Fails to Capture Gunman
On video surveillance.
X-Rays Reveal Mysteries of Mt. Vesuvius
Scientists can now read charred scrolls.

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