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Friday, January 23, 2015

Cheat Sheet - King Abdullah: The Middle East’s Failed Peacemaker

Read This, Skip That ....

January 23, 2015

King Abdullah, 90, died Thursday after succeeding in bringing some stability to Saudi Arabia—but he could do nothing but despair as chaos descended on the rest of the region. Christopher Dickey writes the lynchpin of the world's oil-powered economy is in serious danger.


The 2014-15 NFL season: The year the New England Patriots deflated the footballs and nothing else happened. Ben Collins writes a dustup over balls is clouding a year that saw Ray Rice level his fiancée, players rape women, and concussion damage pile up.

Lives at Stake

Two Japanese men held by ISIS are moments away from death. Did Tokyo blow a chance to save them? Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky and Jake Adelstein report police jailed a journalist heading to Syria to negotiate for their release.

Power Broker

From prostitutes to Twitter junk shots, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver watched as scandals felled his fellow New York lawmakers. Now he's been arrested—but is he out? David Freedlander reports.

Show and Tell

There it was, peeping out from Rick Owens's tunic-like creations at the menswear collections. Tim Teeman asks: Will men buy clothes that publicly display their main accessory?

Clinton Strong-Arms Scorsese Over Film
HBO documentary stalled.
Federer Knocked Out of Australian Open
By someone called Andreas Seppi.
U.S. Home Rental Prices Explode
From San Fran to Kansas City.
Americans Keep Trying to Board With Guns
Record number stopped by the TSA last year.
Ukraine Death Toll Hits 5,000
262 killed in the last nine days.

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