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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Awkwardness Is Everywhere

It’s incredible that we can even live with so much awkwardness all around us.

33 Photos So Painfully Awkward You Can Actually Feel It

Well, that got very awkward very quickly. Everything is the worst.

so awkward


There are apparently men out there buying anti-feminist (or “meninist”) T-shirts. So the internet’s having some fun with this.


A teenage boy spent a month impersonating a doctor at a hospital before being caught by authorities. Naturally, it happened in Florida.


And finally in awkwardness today: A five-year-old was sent an invoice after not showing up at a friend’s birthday party. So yeah, there’s that.


In much better news: Music is going to be amazing in 2015. A lot of incredible new music is headed your way.


Sarcasm is a wonderful thing. But when people don’t understand sarcasm, things get weird quickly.


Most of the world doesn’t really get Australia. So some Australians kindly request that you learn a few things about them ASAP.


And finally: Only fans of The Simpsons will understand these 29 jokes. Everything really is coming up Milhouse.

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