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Monday, January 26, 2015

Are You Kitten Me?

These cats think they're dogs and it's almost too cute.

Cat, did you forget how to cat?

18 Cats Who Think They’re Dogs

This kitty ditched her afternoon cat nap so she could live the dog life. Cats are turning into dogs, and it's totally a-paw-ling.

It's a snow day, party people!

Send Us Photos Of Your Pets In The Snow!

Winter is kicking into high gear which means only one thing — snow days! Does your pet cozy up on the couch or frolic in the snow during these chilly months? We want to see! Hit reply to this email — or just send us a note at — with a picture of your pet dealing with the blustery weather. We might show off your furry friend in a future newsletter or on itself!

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