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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Note To J.K. Rowling

Here’s the next book you should obviously be writing. It’s all about Hermione.

If Hermione Were The Main Character In “Harry Potter”

Why not? Hermione is the baddest character in those books. Don't mess with a boss witch.

boss witch, indeed


There’s a leaked sorority email from the University of Southern California going around the internet. It’s a fascinating (and frightening) glimpse into sorority life.


Taylor Swift and Harry Styles ran into each other at an L.A. hotel. Things got really awkward.


In far better Taylor Swift news: Here’s video of a toddler lip-synching to “Shake It Off.” It’s actually perfect.


It wasn’t that long ago that magazines posted horribly sexist ads. These vintage magazine clippings are proof.


It’s hard being an anxious person. Every day is a huge struggle.


Speaking of which, here’s news that confirms all of your worst nightmares: Two monster sharks are eating dolphins along Australia’s beaches. Never go in the water.


OK OK, here’s a happier thought: It's always a good time for coffee. Go grab a cup at one of these places.


And finally: These people achieved amazing feats with household objects. We are truly not worthy.

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