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Monday, December 22, 2014

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

SHAME: De Blasio Attacks NYPD Officers That Turned Their Backs on Him

Shame on you, Mr. de Blasio

Time: Right-Wing Militias Are The Real Threat To Cops

'Readier for bloodshed than at any time since at least the confrontations in the 1990s'

Fmr FBI Asst Director: 'Race Provocateurs' Incited Violence Towards Police

'[I]t's time to reexamine your own words and actions and take your share of responsibility'

Hollywood Actor: Al Sharpton Is The 'Pig' To Blame For Murdered Cops

'This disgusting pig is DIRECTLY responsible for the murder of two good policemen'

Slain Cop Called Violent Brown-Garner Protest 'Disgusting'

Son Of Dead New York Cop: 'Today Is The Worst Day of My Life'

MONSTERS: People Take To Twitter To Celebrate NYPD Murders

Third Cop Killed Following Execution Of Two NYPD Officers

He was a former NYPD officer and father of five

Pro-Gun Protections Enacted Into Law – Operation Choke Point, Lead Ammo And "Gun Walking"

New 2015 budget has Second Amendment protection built in

Obama Rejects New York Cop Killings

Obama has claimed that cops are unfair to blacks. It seems the killer agreed with him.

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