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Friday, December 19, 2014

That's Not What I Said, Autocorrect!

It's the time of the year to apologize for the accidental text you just sent mom.

The 22 Most Hilariously Awkward Christmas Autocorrect Fails

Be careful before sending that text. Autocorrect just might ruin your entire holiday season.

have fun with Satan, kids!


This guy adorably proposed to his girlfriend in a photo booth. This is so much better than a flashmob.


In other news involving men: Men are calling themselves "meninists" to take a stand against feminism.


And also Today In Men (which could be its own newsletter, tbh): This is what it would look like if men wrote tampon ads.


2014 was the year fast food lost its mind. From waffle tacos to the Doritos-crust pizza, it's been an insane year.


Here's to everyone who's already basically a grandma. There's nothing wrong with growing old so young.


Want to know why strong female role models are important? This little girl just explained it in only 36 words.


The holiday season can be hard for single people. But frankly, being single is better this time of year.


And finally: Everyone should get to live in Europe some day. But which European city should move to?

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