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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Wreckage, Bodies of AirAsia Found

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December 30, 2014

Three days after AirAsia Flight 8501 disappeared, search and rescue teams have found debris from the plane and at least 40 bodies floating in the Java Sea. Lennox Samuels writes the families of the 137 adults, 18 children, and crew must now come to terms with the horrible loss while wondering what went terribly wrong.


The FBI is doubling down on its claim that the Sony hack was solely orchestrated by North Korea, even though there is mounting evidence to the contrary, reports Shane Harris. Cybersecurity firm Norse Corp. suggests the attack may have been at least partially an inside job, though the FBI continues to claim "there is no credible information to indicate that any other individual is responsible" other than Pyongyang.


Rep. Steve Scalise, newly elected to the House GOP's third-highest position, admits that he spoke to a white supremacist group in 2002. Scalise says he didn't realize they were a hate group. Tim Mak reports that's hard to believe given it was created by David Duke, the KKK veteran who ran for governor in Scalise's own party.


Federal prosecutors are reportedly investigating New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for payments he received from a small New York City law firm, according to a New York Times report Monday. FBI agents and prosecutors from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's office are looking into what Silver has been doing in exchange for income from Goldberg & Iryami PC, a firm that focuses on real-estate tax reductions for residential and commercial properties. Silver, a personal-injury lawyer, received payments over the last 10 years from the firm, but did not include it on his annual financial-disclosure forms, the Times reports. The Manhattan Democrat, who has served as speaker for the last two decades, did not respond to questions regarding the investigation or his relationship to the firm. 


Two other people in Britain have been tested for Ebola, one in Scotland and one in southwest England, said officials. Scotland's first minister, Nicole Sturgeon, said a health worker who recently returned from West Africa has a "low probability" of having Ebola and that officials were operating on a "precautionary basis." Another patient was isolated at Royal Cornwall Hospital in the city of Truro and is awaiting Ebola test results. On Tuesday, a woman became the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola while in Britain. Her case was confirmed in Scotland, but she was transferred to Royal Free Hospital in North London, the hospital that treated Britain's first Ebola patient, William Pooley.

Rep. Michael Grimm Will Resign
After pleading to guilty to tax evasion.
Government Lost $9.26B on Auto Bailout
Recovered $70.43 billion.
Putin Critic Gets Suspended Sentence
But slaps brother with prison time.
Man, 86, Missing After Winning Lottery
Last seen December 20.
Condé Nast to Pay Ex-Interns $5.8M
After class-action lawsuit.

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