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Monday, December 15, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Jihadi Has Sydney Under Siege

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December 15, 2014
Terror has gripped Australia's famously laid-back city after a gunman took dozens of people hostage inside a cafe early Monday morning. Five hostages escaped, but at least 10 remain inside, forced to act as human shields or hold up a black flag. "Australians are just not programmed for these things," Steve Garth, who works in Sydney, tells The Daily Beast's Courtney Subramanian.
If you thought the Senate's details on CIA torture were bad, just wait for hidden photos from the war in Iraq. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of images of U.S. soldiers posing with corpses as trophies and worse are being suppressed by the Obama administration, Noah Shachtman and Tim Mak report.
Sony plans to release censored versions of The Interview with toned-down versions of acts committed against North Korea's dictator, according to new emails stolen from the movie studio. Interview star Seth Rogen exchanged emails with Amy Pascal, co-chair of Sony Pictures Entertainment, about modifying scenes in the movie for international audiences. Sony also allegedly ran altered versions of four scenes by different countries so that distributors could choose the original or the "softer version."

Comedian Bill Cosby briefly broke his silence on the increasing number of sexual-assault allegations made against him. "Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that, you have to go in with a neutral mind," he told New York Post reporter Stacy Brown when she called him at his Massachusetts home on Friday. Cosby has been virtually silent in regard to the more than two dozen women who have accused him of assaulting them. In November, Cosby even told an AP reporter "We don't answer that" when asked about the allegations and said he would appreciate it if the story was "scuttled." During the brief interview, Cosby told Brown "They don't want me talking to the media."


Cleveland police were none too pleased when Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins appeared wearing a "Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford" T-shirt. The back of it read "The Real Battle for Ohio" to go with Sunday's game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Police union president Jeff Follmer said Hawkins' T-shirt was "pathetic" and demanded an apology from the Browns. "He's disrespecting the police on a job that we had to do and make a split-second decision," said Follmer. The Browns politely refused Follmer's request. The team released a statement: "We have great respect for the Cleveland Police Department and the work that they do to protect and serve our city. We also respect our players' rights to project their support and bring awareness to issues that are important to them if done so in a responsible manner." The 12-year-old was killed by Cleveland cop Timothy Loehmann while holding a fake gun. Crawford, 22, was killed in Beavercreek, Ohio, in August by police while holding a toy rifle.

Armed Siege at Belgian Apartment
Another hostage situation.
South Africa Wins Miss World
Rolene Strauss beat out 120 contestants.
Marine Charged With Trans-Woman's Murder
Pfc. Joseph Scott Pemberton faces Philippines trial.
UN: 1,300 Killed Post-Ukraine Ceasefire
Conflict in its ninth month.
Hong Kong Closes Last Protest Site
After more than two months of demonstrations.

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