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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Exit Interview: Walking Dead’s Beth Tells All

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December 02, 2014
In a shocking mid-season finale, The Walking Dead's Beth Greene met a fate no one expected. Actress Emily Kinney, who has portrayed the tough teen since the second season, spoke to The Daily Beast's Melissa Leon about her favorite moments from the series and the surprising moments that transpired on camera. (Warning: spoilers.)
Obama is widely expected to tap an ex-physicist who has cut military waste like a laser to become the next secretary of defense. But will Ashton Carter's pragmatic views of budgets and policies be enough to divert criticism away from the president's foreign policy? Shane Harris and Tim Mak discuss.

University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan targeted the school's drinking culture in her response to the rape and sexual abuse reported in a Nov. 19 Rolling Stone article. "Binge drinking is a problem for us," she said in her Monday address. "Women and men should know what they are drinking and who is serving it to them. Alcohol does not cause rape, but alcohol is often the tool of a predator." She also responded to criticism for not banning Greek life on campus. "In any crisis, it can be far too easy to paint with a broad brush, and blindly attack entire groups of individuals," said Sullivan. "It is not fair to fraternity men here who are good and decent people."


The hackers—believed to be North Korean—who broke into Sony Pictures' computers got their hands on more than 3,800 employees' personal information, including their Social Security numbers and birthdays. The hackers also got hold of different departments' payrolls and individual salaries, as well as the script for an embarrassingly cheesy employee-recruitment video. Sony forced its employees to move off  computers and on to paper and pencils as a security measure. The FBI is investigating the cyberattack.


Falling oil prices and global sanctions are pushing Russia's economy into recession. On Tuesday in Moscow, the Ministry of Economic Development predicted the economy would shrink 0.8 percent next year, instead of growing by a previously estimated 1.2 percent. Oil and natural gas make up about 60 percent of Russia's export earnings, and the price of crude is off by a third since June. So far this year, the ruble has fallen 40 percent against the dollar.

Massive Rainstorm to Hit California
Biggest storm of the season.
CDC Pushes Teens to Get Circumcised
Cuts HIV risk by as much as 60 percent.
Fewer Hospital Mistakes Saved 50k Lives
And roughly $12 billion.
HIV Is Getting Weaker
Causing AIDS slower.
Humans Have Been Boozing for 10M Years
Enzymes evolved in response to our drinking.

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