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Monday, December 29, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Did Bad Weather Bring Down AirAsia 8501?

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December 29, 2014
As officials speculate that the missing airliner is at the "bottom of the sea," Clive Irving reports experts are questioning whether the Airbus 320 ran into similar problems as a doomed Air France flight in 2009.
Passengers say they spent 30 hours of living hell aboard a burning ferry stranded between Greece and Italy, in a disaster that's left eight dead. Barbie Latza Nadeau writes about the tragic saga of Teodora Douli, who watched for four hours as her husband bobbed in the water and then drowned.
An insurance company promised Thea Shaheen a gender reassignment. She had waited her whole life for the body she was supposed to be in, she tells James Joiner. But days away from her dream being fulfilled, they made a mistake and it all fell apart.

Mayor Bill de Blasio attempted to mend fences when he spoke Monday at the NYPD graduation ceremony. Boos were audible when the New York City mayor took the stage, but he quickly reached out to the graduating class. "You will confront all manners of problems. Problems you didn't create," he told the audience. "You will confront poverty. You will confront mental illness. And a still too divided society. You didn't create these problems, but you can help our city overcome them." De Blasio also acknowledged the loss of two NYPD officers, Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu, describing them as "two peacemakers" and said they "stood up for all that is good and right." The mayor is notably unpopular with the police force, and cops turned their back on him over the weekend at Ramos's funeral.


The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new rapid Ebola test that can determine a case of the deadly virus within about three hours. Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche designed the LightMix Ebola Zaire rRT-PCR Test, which works by detecting signs of the virus on a genetic level by looking for a specific mRNA chunk. The FDA's approval is for emergency use, so it is cleared for regions with especially bad outbreaks. Other tests have also received emergency approval to cope with the current epidemic, in which more than 7,500 people have died.

Suspected Masturbating Robber Shot
He also allegedly stole a woman's dog.
Jets Fire Rex Ryan and GM John Idzik
After only four wins this season.
Chris Rock Files for Divorce
Married 19 years.
AirAsia Was Denied Request to Climb
Disappeared from radar minutes later.

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