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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

19 Excellent New Year’s Resolutions

If you're lazy, these New Year's resolutions are just what you need for 2015.

19 Perfect New Year’s Resolutions For Lazy Slobs

Working out? Eating right? That's for other people. Next year, resolve to do even less!

you can do it!


Selfies went way, waaaaaay too far in 2014. We must put an end to this soon.


It was also the year of a thousand Photoshop fails. The internet is one big lie.


But on the other hand, not everything was terrible in 2014. These photos are proof.


This bride got left by her fiancé at the altar. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she took an awesome photo shoot.


There's a new toy from Play-Doh that's selling well. The problem is, it looks a lot like a penis.


Is it gonna be forever, or is it gonna go down in flames? This quiz will let you know.


How best to say goodbye to 2014? These haikus will do the job.


These animals are ready for their New Year's kiss. Midnight can't come soon enough.


And finally: This is what the cast of Doug looks like now. It's crazy how much they've changed.

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