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Saturday, November 15, 2014

We've Failed Again

Dumb stuff happens all the time. Why aren't we more concerned about this???

18 Reasons Why Evolution Is Totally And Completely Fake

If evolution is real, then why are people doing dumb stuff all the freaking time?



OK, this is the last Kim Kardashian post, we swear: Four guys took a, uh, crack at re-creating Kim's butt photo.


Here's to a perfect "Cards Against Humanity" hand. That game always tells the hard truths.


We need your help to answer an important question: Are these celebs annoying or not?


Couples sometimes break up for the stupidest reasons. These are among the most ridiculous.


"Lumbersexual" is the hot new trend among men: It's a look that's Ron Swanson mixed with Ryan Gosling.


How well do you know the lyrics to "Under The Sea"? It's actually harder than you'd expect.


And finally: These dogs had no idea you'd be home so early. Way to not give them a heads up, humans.

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