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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

ScienceDaily: Top Science News

ScienceDaily: Top Science News

Thousands of never-before-seen human genome variations uncovered

Posted: 10 Nov 2014 09:42 AM PST

Thousands of never-before-seen genetic variants in the human genome have been uncovered using a new genome sequencing technology. These discoveries close many human genome mapping gaps that have long resisted sequencing. The technique, called single-molecule, real-time DNA sequencing, may now make it possible for researchers to identify potential genetic mutations behind many conditions whose genetic causes have long eluded scientists.

True story behind galactic crash revealed

Posted: 10 Nov 2014 05:36 AM PST

The new MUSE instrument on ESO's Very Large Telescope has provided researchers with the best view yet of a spectacular cosmic crash. The new observations reveal for the first time the motion of gas as it is ripped out of the galaxy ESO 137-001 as it ploughs at high speed into a vast galaxy cluster. The results are the key to the solution of a long-standing mystery — why star formation switches off in galaxy clusters.

Astronomers dissect the aftermath of a supernova

Posted: 10 Nov 2014 05:33 AM PST

Astronomers have used radio telescopes in Australia and Chile to see inside the remains of a supernova. The supernova, known as SN1987A, was first seen by observers in the Southern Hemisphere in 1987 when a giant star suddenly exploded at the edge of a nearby dwarf galaxy called the Large Magellanic Cloud. In the two and a half decades since then the remnant of Supernova 1987A has continued to be a focus for researchers the world over, providing a wealth of information about one of the Universe's most extreme events.

Laundry detergent pods a serious poisoning risk for children younger than 6 years of age in the United States

Posted: 10 Nov 2014 05:22 AM PST

After releasing the results of a new study detailing the dangers of laundry detergent pods, researchers are calling for a national product safety standard in an effort to better protect children. The study showed that during a two year period, there were more than 17,000 children exposed to the highly concentrated chemicals in laundry detergent pods. That's a child every hour.

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