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Monday, November 17, 2014

Really, Evolution?

If evolution works, how come cats *still* fail so hard, so often?

At least you're cute.


Who needs a bed? This student designed an isolation pod for anytime napping. And it's totally genius.


The cast of The Hunger Games reunited on SNL this weekend. And they sung an adorable song together.


Only true Harry Potter fans will understand these gifts. Sorry to all the Muggles out there.


Can't get a big gift? At least get a card. And unlike most cards, your friends will be happy to get these.


Extra closet space? Don't fill it with junk. Instead, transform it in a totally unexpected way.


Winter is coming. At least these t-shirts understand your seasonal struggle.


And lastly: Starbucks cups are usually known for their fails. So this guy turned them into awesome artworks.

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