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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Never Forget That Kids Are Tiny Monsters

They look cute. They look adorable. But they're monsters out to wreck your home.

24 Moments That Will Make You Rethink This Whole Having Kids Thing

Yes, they're kind of cute. But kids are also out to ruin everything.

good luck explaining this to Apple Care


When this comedian gets stuck in traffic, she does impersonations of celebs. And they're all perfect.


This woman found a paralyzed stray dog. Instead of leaving him, she decided to go the extra mile and help him.


Teens are tweeting out photos of school lunches with the hashtag #thanksmichelleobama. Is this really what they serve in schools?


Remember a time before Facebook was filled with engagements? All those happy people are the worst.


Hitting your 30s shouldn't be terrifying. It's okay to still have big things to figure out!


How many of these celebs are natural blondes? Figuring out who's real and who isn't is hard.


Some people say that waffles are better than pancakes. Sadly, they're so wrong.


And finally: A lot of people out there want you to do stuff. But what if you hate doing stuff?

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