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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Get Up! Get On Up!

Time to start living a healthier lifestyle. Why wait for New Years to turn over a new leaf?

So you want to eat healthier and get in shape? That’s great! Learn from some people who’ve definitely been there.


People made fun of Iggy Azalea for looking like a character from the movie White Chicks. And she handled it in the best possible way this Halloween.


But, let's be honest: Some people should be permanently banned from dressing up on Halloween.


Speaking of the holiday: If you have leftover candy, this is exactly what you should do with it.


And when you do run out of candy, it might be time to spend November detoxing with these delicious, seasonable recipe ideas.


It's not only about making a statement. Sometimes the best tattoos are the subtlest ones.


Some people make bad life choices. This man who surfed on a dead whale carcass is certainly one of them.


And finally: Here are America's favorite episodes of Friends. Spoiler alert! You'll be surprised.

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