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Monday, November 24, 2014

DI-Why, Guys?

Who looked at these DIY projects and thought they were a good idea?

29 DIY Fails To Boost Your Ego Today

This homemade calendar totally forgot about a couple days of the week. At least your DIY projects never fail this badly.

That's not how a calendar works.


This lovely letter was found in a Lego set from the '70s. And its important message still holds true today.


Speaking of vintage things: these vintage food advertisements will make you glad for modern recipes.


Miley Cyrus threw herself a 22nd birthday party. And it was everything you'd expect Miley's birthday to look like.


A bag that charges your phone. A case with a built-in bottle opener. And 31 other products that every iPhone addict needs.


Whether you're planning a renovation now or just imagining your dream abode of the future, these insane remodeling ideas will totally inspire you.


Your twenties are a strange time in life. Thank goodness Tumblr is here to help you make sense of it all.


And finally: It's not clear why most of these GIFs exist. They are truly some of the freakiest GIFs of all time.

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