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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Call Your Mom

She has some questions. Like, have you eaten dinner? Are you alive? How do I copy and paste on Microsoft Word?

21 Texts You Only Get From Your Mom

“Hello I just called you and left you a voicemail. Are you alive?” Moms really are the best.

She's only texting you asking you if you've eaten dinner yet because she cares.


Winter weddings have never looked so good. Clearly, the cold never bothered these couples anyway.


Hey girl, too busy and/or lazy to spend hours locking down a beauty routine? Don't worry, so is literally everybody else.


Accept it: It's holiday season already. Skip the stress this year and try these perfect personalized gifts instead.


These tricks to transform the stuff you already own ensure that you will never have to buy new things. Or at least not for a while.


Fall wouldn't be the same without warm meals to keep you cozy. Cook one of these hearty soups and you won't want to leave your house until spring.


You never keep a piece of gossip to yourself. You're actually excited to go to the office on Monday. And 22 other signs you've found your work BFF.


And finally: Remember those American Girl dolls you or a relative used to play with? Well, make sure you do NOT throw them out.

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