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Monday, October 20, 2014

We're All Waiting

These people owe the world an explanation for their actions.

What is going on here?


Note to all TV weather reporters: Don't do the forecast with a dog. It never goes well.


Last year, this town's pumpkin festival set a world record. This year, it turned into a riot.


Don't waste money. Don't waste time. The perfect Halloween costume can be yours easily.


Speaking of Halloween: Those costumes probably look better on Instagram. Things never look quite the same in real life.


No more tangles, scratches, and broken trinkets. Instead, learn to bring your old jewelry back to life.


Many women ignore catcalls. This artist turned them into beautiful cross-stitches.


This guy really loves figs. Like, really loves them. And it's kind of uncomfortable for everyone else.


And lastly: After a night of drinking, there are some faces that everyone is bound to recognize.

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