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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Make Something New

Turn your old household items into a little kid's favorite new gem.

28 Household Items You Can Repurpose For Your Kids

Whether you have kids of your own or just want ideas for a creative homemade gift, here's how to turn your old stuff into awesome new treasures.

Turn your old stuff into your kids’ greatest treasures.


President Obama said on Saturday that his credit card was declined at a fancy New York City restaurant. Presidents: They're just like us.


Just because sweet potatoes are a good, healthy vegetable doesn't mean they can't sometimes be bad, too.


Your favorite child actors are all grown up... But they're still killing it.


Movie theaters with footstools. Hangover-free beer. And 36 other things all 30-somethings wish existed.


You can't change the past. But if you could, these people would be hitting the rewind button SO HARD.


Hey grocery stores, are you drunk? Because you clearly do not have your shit together.


And finally: Forget Pumpkin Spice. These 29 ginger recipes are all you need to get through fall.

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