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Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's Hard Being A Hipster

Let's all keep hipsters in our thoughts today. They're really struggling out there.

26 Truly Devastating Hipster Problems

The store was completely out of kale today. It's a truly awful day for hipsters everywhere.

no kale? NO KALE???


Halloween is almost here. And that means the sexy Frozen costumes have arrived.


Please, please be careful before Halloween this year. When you Halloween wrong, things can really get weird.


Maybe you're not a big tipper. But you would be for these incredible tip jars.


Who should be your TV boyfriend? It's time to find out.


This is what the cast of Mean Girls looks like now. They've changed a lot in the last 10 years.


Can we guess your profession? It'll only take a second.


Sometimes, we forget how to be human. But these dogs are here to remind everyone how to be good people.


And finally: You might not know anything about Australian rugby. That's OK. You'll still appreciate this ranking of ridiculously attractive rugby players.

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