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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't Freak Out

Halloween is four weeks away. Don't be scared — you can still figure out a costume.

51 Parents Who Are Blowing Your Halloween Game Out Of The Water

They're not messing around when it comes to costumes. Better up your Halloween game fast.

that. is. CRAZY.


Speaking of Halloween: Please buy only the raddest candies this year, OK?


You can get McPoutine in Canada. A McBeer in Europe. Every other McDonald's, you need to get on this.


All across the world, people are committing crimes against pizza. This has to stop.


Breakups are hard. But luckily, there's a simple path to help you get over an ex.


There are some things only girls who are constantly hungry will understand. Sorry, guys, you just don't get it.


Trying to figure out how to properly store your groceries? This infographic can help.


Are you a cat or a dog? This quiz has your answer.


Apologies to the men out there, but it should be said: The world would be a better place if you couldn't text.

that is super cute

This Stunning Photo Series Captures The Same Couple’s Painfully Cute Kiss All Over The World

One couple took a kiss global. Adorably done, you two!

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