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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Funny Or Die's Weekly F'Bomb: Ayn Rand, Gungan Style and Children's Theater Critic

Ayn  Rand Private Access Show from Michaela Watkins, Rob Delaney, Funny Or Die, Alex Fernie, Brian Lane, Andy Maxwell, Ally Hord, and BoTown Sound Ayn Rand Private Access Show
Ayn Rand has a new public access talk show, full of celebrity guests, topical comedy and long angry diatribes against the government.
Children's Theater Critic with Alfred Molina from Alfred Molina, Alex Fernie, Funny Or Die, melcowan, rachelgoldenberg, and Matt Newell Children's Theater Critic with Alfred Molina
Finally, one theater critic has the guts to tell children how bad they are at putting on plays.
Tom Hanks F-Bomb from  TubularGoldmine Tom Hanks F-Bomb
The star of Cloud Atlas tries a few accents on live tv and accidentally drops an F bomb.
Beer Can Superman from That  Happened! Beer Can Superman
Up, up and DOWN.
Congratulations to Detroit for making it to the World Series! Condolences to Detroit for pretty much everything else.
Crazy Bengal Kitten from  That Happened! Crazy Bengal Kitten
Bengal kittens are insane, end of story.
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Breakfast Supervillains vs.  The Crunchy Nut from Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Breakfast Supervillains vs. The Crunchy Nut
Breakfast supervillains beware! The Crunchy Nut plans to put you out of the boring breakfast business.
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